Halloween Make-Up Tutorials.....A Round-Up Of The Best!

It’s always the same problem every year right? There are so many amazing ideas out there, on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc....how do you choose? More importantly- what are YOU capable of pulling off? 

Some of us here at FitBritch HQ have none whatsoever limited face painting and make up artistry skills so we decided to head to the fountain of all knowledge...that’s right- the internet! Where we hoped we’d be able to find some interesting, fun and sexy ‘how to’ guides that would make us look more....sexy pirate than bride of Frankenstien. And boy did we clean up!! We hit Pinterest first and look at the fabulous options we found....

BUT WAIT....we know what you’re thinking (because we felt exactly the same!) They all look amazing, but I’m never going to be able to create something like that! 

You’re wrong...because we’ve scoured, trawled and investigated every corner of the web to bring you 4 ‘How-To’ manuals from some amazing bloggers out there. Check them out below! 

  1. Day of the Dead Queen from Michelle Phan...we love this video- it’s not too long and is a great step by step! 


  1. Not a Twilight fan? What about True Blood? Vampires are our go to costumes in a Halloween time of need! We’ve found a great video tutorial to get that perfect pale skin and dripping fangs! 


  1. What about the Pop Art Girl? Like something straight out of a comic book right? We LOVE this one, no it might not be particularly gory but it’ll give your gusts a shock allright! 


  1. Anyone who’s a fan of Gaga’s Ex will know how fashionable it is to do the skeletal look for Halloween- throw in some white blonde hair in a high pony, a black suit and white shirt and you’ve got yourself one incredibly chic look! 


Who are you going as this Haloween? Don’t forget to share your images with us on our Facebook and Twitter Pages!

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