7 Shapewear Don'ts

7 Shapewear Don’ts!


Don’t Size Up or Down Your Shapewear

When shopping for shapewear, make sure to buy products that reflect your true size. Trying to squeeze into a smaller size will only create problem areas. 

Don’t Ignore Care Labels

To ensure your Fit Britches shapewear retains its full functionality and enjoys a long life, follow its laundering instructions closely.

Fit Britches care instructions:

·         30 degrees wash cycle

·         No bleaching

·         No tumble dry

·         No ironing

Don’t Wear Waistline Styles If You’re Larger Around the Middle

A brief, thigh slimmer, or pantyhose top sits at the waist can create a muffin top for those who are larger around the waist.  If you fall into this category, choose instead the hi-waist version of each of these silhouettes, opt for Fit Britches Skinny Knickers or Skinny Shorts.

Don’t Put Shapewear on over Your Head

Many an unsuspecting shapewear customer has made the mistake of trying to pull on a body-shaping cami or slip over her head, only to find herself trapped in it.  The nature of shapewear fabric and its tight fit cause this outcome.  Therefore always step into your shapewear.

Don’t wear a stand alone brief or panty if you are tall

A brief or panty will become overly stretched, and end up providing insufficient coverage, when worn by someone who’s over 5’ 10”.  If you’re tall, choose a separates combination, such as a high waistline brief and a shaping cami

Don’t Choose Elective Cosmetic Surgery over Shapewear

If you’d like to change your appearance, wearing shapewear offers many advantages over undergoing invasive, cosmetic surgery.  For example, it’s less expensive, less painful, and more convenient than surgery, and delivers results that are more easily changed.

Don’t Rely on Shapewear as a Substitute for an Exercise Regimen

Wear Fit Britches shapewear as part of a healthy regime. Get regular exercise and diet for optimum results to ensure that you will look and feel FIT for years to come.


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As I am partly disabled and not able to exercise vigerously I’m hoping the Fit bitches will help me to shape up with a good diet and with exercise I am capable of doing.

Chrissie Bingham

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