Wear Fit Britches for that much needed confidence boost.

Fit Britches shapewear have been innovatively designed to make you look and feel your absolute best wherever you may be. Our goal is to make you drop a dress size in 60 seconds… and that is a guarantee!

Last week, our very own Farnaz (founder of the revolutionary skinny collection) had the honour of being shortlisted for entrepreneur of the year. She was alongside the incredibly influential and hugely successful business man, James Caan (yep, that’s right... the one from Dragon’s Den!) James has always been an inspiration to Farnaz and she was very excited to be nominated in the same category as him.

Fit Britches are also currently shortlisted in the New Business of the Year award category. Visit inspirationalwomenawards.org.uk to take a look!

Farnaz with role model James Caan at the AWA awards ceremony last year.

However, at prestigious events such as the BMA awards (and any big night out you ladies might have on the horizon) there comes the issue of what to wear to ensure you are looking your very best. There is always that added pressure when attending such an event that you are going to be outshone by a load of women with perfect figures. It is therefore essential that we are looking glam, fabulous and slim, which means all the more reason to tuck in that tummy and hold in those thighs.

Sainsbury’s conducted a survey of 2000 women to see what exactly makes ladies feel their ultimate best. A whopping 77% of women believed that what they wear on a day to day basis does affect their confidence. Above all, wearing the right underwear is up on the women’s list of things that can make you feel a million dollars. Check out the Sainsbury’s blog to see for yourself how it has been proven that what you wear has a huge impact on how you feel. http://j-sainsbury.co.uk/blog/2013/01/its-official-what-you-wear-impacts-how-you-feel/

When you wear a slimming panty from our skinny collection, you will instantly feel like a star. Effortlessly holding you tightly in, you needn’t worry about being unable to squeeze yourself into that figure hugging dress. In today’s day and age, there are a variety of modern day girdles available on the high street and online that offer the appearance of a slimmer figure and claim to hold your wobbly bits in. However, Fit Britches not only temporarily make you appear slimmer and suck you in, they have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss and fight off fat and cellulite.

Let’s have another look at the fabulous Farnaz, looking dazzling as ever with her trusty slimming shorts under her elegant evening dress to help her through the night. We can quite clearly see from this picture that the slimming short has worked with the natural curves of Farnaz’s figure to sculpt her body shape. Her bottom has been lifted and raised and her stomach looks naturally flat and toned. Notice how subtle the shaping shorts are as well… They are completely invisible to the naked eye!

Farnaz looking and feeling great in her Fit Britches.

As well as the amazing slimming results that are achieved from wearing our shorts, the most important thing to notice about women wearing Fit Britches are their radiant smiles. See, Fit Britches really do allow you to look your best and feel confident while you’re in the spotlight; confident enough to walk into any room with sparkle.

“Though the ceremony was rather nerve wracking, I had my fit britches on which really gave me that confidence boost I needed. That confidence showed in me throughout the night, even after I ate all that lovely food!”

Farnaz was not only able to enjoy her evening while feeling slim and confident, but was also able to eat whatever she liked and didn’t need to worry about feeling bloated, as from the very moment you slip into your slimming underwear you already lose inches off your waist hips and thighs. You can’t get much better than that!



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I found the skinny shorts have really boosted my metabolism…no more bloating or stomach upsets. 3 weeks in to using the skinny shorts and I feel different, my clothes feel slightly loose…I will continue using them whilst I start back at the gym. Thank you..FINALLY.. we will be FIT BRITCHES!.. :-)

sima khan

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