How to get the perfect celebrity figure


Source: PA

Celebrity: Tulisa Constavlos

Problem: Tight fitting body-con dress

Solution: Fit Britches skinny collection


Here, we have the gorgeous Tulisa Constavlos at her birthday celebrations. She is wearing a tightly fitted body-con dress that leaves little of her body shape to the imagination. It is essential, when wearing a dress such as this, to hold yourself in tightly with our Fit Britches slimming wear.

Not only will Fit Britches make you appear slimmer by pulling you in nicely and firmly underneath clothes, they also trigger weight loss when worn regularly. Fit Britches have been developed from specially designed fibres that have been clinically proven to encourage fat and cellulite reduction. How? We hear you ask. Well our secret is in the innovative yarn that is embedded throughout our slimming short. When your body moves in Fit Britches, the yarn reacts with the skins movement and actually increases the body’s metabolism. As well as increased metabolism, the body’s blood flow is heightened which results in the stimulated lymphatic draining system.

In other words, Fit Britches have been scientifically proven to help you ‘melt away’ unwanted fat and toxins.
And don’t worry, although the yarn sounds like it may be uncomfortable and hot on your body, this is not the case. The fibres work very subtly, and you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. We have worked hard to ensure that all fibres in our body shaping shorts will go unnoticed, allowing you to wear that figure hugging body-con dress and look just as glamorous as Tulisa!



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Hi I am I interested in purchasing the skinny vest and leggings, it states on the website if I purchase today I would get 20% off however when I proceed to checkout it’s not putting the price down. Could you please let me know if I need to enter a code to apply for the discount. Thanks x

Amreen hanif

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