Come on ladies, Shape & Share!

For a limited time only we are proud to present you with our new shape & share campaign!

There is nothing we love to see more than how you lovely ladies look and feel now you wear our life changing Fit Britches. We want you to show and tell us (and other women out there) exactly how you feel our collection has changed and reshaped your life. So we would like to urge any of you out there who have purchased anything from our skinny range to Shape & Share with us today!

All you have to do is send in a review describing how you feel wearing our shape wear has affected your life and send us a couple of piccies so we can all see the great results! There are also fabulous offers especially for you if you share your stories with us (more on this below.)

Let’s have a look at three of our customers who decided to Shape & Share and see for ourselves the undeniable difference Fit Britches has had on their figure, not to mention their ever growing confidence.

Nasreen’s story – From a size 14 to a 12 overnight!

“I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes my clothes fit and
sometimes they don't. I can easily fluctuate from a 12 to 14 overnight and
back to 12 a few days later. As a result I have 2 wardrobes.

Fit Britches has helped enormously as I no longer need to have 2 wardrobes!
I can wear them and still manage to fit into my size 12's. They were
uncomfortable to begin with but by the end of the day I forgot they were

- Nasreen Karim, Bradford 

Nasreen - feeling young, slim and confident again in her skinny shorts.
Nasreen - feeling young, slim and confident again in her skinny shorts.

Eliza – Went on a shopping spree after becoming so happy with her results.

I've always been self-conscious about my legs and whilst I've tried exercise, I'm still not confident about my body. Fit Britches have really changed that - the difference is immediate, so much so, that I ran out to buy myself a new short dress to celebrate! I wear them now most days as leggings and dread to think what I'm going to wear instead when these go in the wash.

Fit Britches are the ultimate confidence booster. I've never been one for shapewear but these are comfy, stylish (I wear them as leggings) and work instantly. I even had to buy a new dress to celebrate my new legs!

- Eliza Flynn, London
Just look at Eliza’s new found radiant and confident smile, all thanks
to Fit Britches. She can even tuck into her favourite
dessert, knowing her skinny leggings will hold her in!

Michaela banishes her ‘muffin tops’ for good!

"Since having children, I have what are called 'muffin tops' meaning I have a bulge of skin around my hips/waist. I never wear tight clothing due to this and usually will opt for something baggy. Trying the Fit Britches I was sceptical as to whether they would actually make me look better and was shocked at the results.

They kind of moulded my shape and pushed in my hips and waist to make me look slimmer. Even though I can feel them pushing me in, they are not uncomfortable at all. They're actually quite soft and nice to wear."

- Michaela Britton

Here, we can see the tremendous difference Fit Britches have had to Michaela’s physique. Her tummy has been pulled right in, and looks almost unrecognisable! Now she can be happy and confident to wear those tight, skimpy outfits she would have never dreamed of wearing before purchasing our shorts. Well done Nasreen, Eliza and Michaela for sharing with us, there is no denying you both now look a million dollars.

Now, not only are you spreading the word to other women who struggle with the same insecurities you once did, but there are a range of fabulous offers and perks available to you if you decide to Shape & Share! We are proud to have you as our customers and for your loyalty are giving you the chance to...





There is nothing more important to us than our customers and how they look and feel, so your say is absolutely pivotal to us.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved, be proud with the results, and don’t be shy to share the new you!

To Shape & Share today, send us your product review and some pictures to with the subject as ‘Shape & Share.’

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That’s the best aneswr of all time! JMHO
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So nice, I also want to loss weight especially my tummy !

Chong Fei Ching

Dear farnaz Hi , just been reading about you in the daily mail and was so happy that you have come up with this fantastic product. Iv been trying to loose weight for so many years but cant seem to shift it ,been going gym and i always seem to loose half a stone and then it comes back on again afterwoods. Feel so down when this happens. But after reading your article its given me such a high hope and i would love to try this product and achieve my goal, anything to get me to a size 12/14 again .! at the moment im 16 + if i order 2 will there be a discount? Im after the high waist shorts in large black please , but was thinking if you could send me one in xl just incase it dont fit . If not then will i be able to return it for an exchange of which ever size fits ? Cant wait to try this and looking so forward to the end results ;)

Sofie khan

I have wore my fit britches for the first time today and found they very comfortable accept for the fact that they roll down at the back and under the bra line, which I didn’t think would do, is this right?

Frances Johnston

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