Friends and Weight Loss: Use 'em and Lose It - #fitbritchesfitnesschallenge - Week 5

Losing weight can be seem a long journey. It's tempting to give up before reaching your goal. If you have a close friend you can lean on, it can make it easier to stay on the path of fitness. It should be someone you're comfortable with, someone you can count on to be there when you need them most, and someone you can share your achievements with. Here are some ways you can use your friend on your weight-loss quest.

  • Call when cravings are at their worst: When you’re having an urge to pick up something from your local fast food joint, speed dial your friend so they can talk you into eating fruit instead.
  • Swap for inspiration: Boredom can drive you to hop off the fitness wagon, so spice things up by swapping healthy recipes, strength training tips, fitness DVDs, workout ideas, health magazines, and running playlists courtesy of your fellow fit-minded pal.
  • Set up weekly exercise dates: Working out goes by much faster when you're chitchatting the whole time, it flies!! also when you have set assigned workouts in your schedule, you'll see quicker results on the scale. You're also less likely to skip a workout if you know your friend is meeting you at the track at 7 a.m.
  • Create fit goals together: Whether you both want to lose five pounds this month or are training for a 5K race, having someone to share your goals with will help you both achieve them. And once you do, you can go out and celebrate as a pair.
  • Email your food journal every night: It keeps you both accountable when another pair of eyes is reading the list of food eaten that day.
  • Take part in the  together, (your fit britches will be turning heads in no time) challenge each other to a forfeit for the least loser.

Here comes this week's 20 minutes workout:

Exercise 1 – 1 minute of Knee Lifts

Exercise 2 - 1 minute of Lunges

Exercise 3 – 30 second Plank

Exercise 4 – 30 seconds Jogging on the spot

Exercise 5 – 1 minute of Star Jumps

Rest for 1 minute

Repeat x 4

hurray that's your first installment for the week done.

Now repeat another 2 times this week and your on your way to fitbritchness victory, come on you know you can do it!

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