How to wear YOUR Little Black Dress for Christmas!

In today’s ‘Gaga-esque’ era of trying to look as odd and as cutting edge as possible, many fashionistas might have written off the LBD (Little Black Dress) for their Christmas Function but here at Fit Britches HQ we’re rallying for it’s comeback! We don’t know about you, but armed with a wonderful set of Fit Britches Best Control Underwear (award winning by the way!) Why not bring out an old classic and give it a modern twist? 

In 1926, "Vogue" declared that the little black dress is the "uniform for all women of taste." Since then everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to Lauren Conrad and Kirsten Stewart have proved the fashion mag right. Of course, each of those women are as different as can be, so it makes sense that their LBDs are as varied as their personalities, but that's the genius behind the little black dress.

Let's start with the LBD itself. You could go micro-mini or knee-length, full-skirt or curve hugging, or get one in lace, silk, or taffeta. There are millions of options when it comes to the shape and style of your little black dress. And just when you think you've seen every type of LBD, designers continue to reinvent this wardrobe classic.

We’ve picked just a few of our favourite LBD variations from Fashionista Site Polyvore.....

Don’t go too Green for this set from Julie. We love the green jewel tones she’s used in this set!

This ‘Audrey with a Twist’ set from Fashion Fountain is a gorgeous modern twist on an Audrey Hepburn classic.

Go Go girly with this candfloss couture ensemble from Iggy Rouvinen what a great way to take that often harsh edge off the black....LOVE LOVE LOVE for all ages too! 

Even after you've chosen your little black dress, there are still so many other things to think about! The accessories, shoes, jewelry, handbag, jacket, tights and of course- your shapewear! These all play a part in the overall look of your LBD, not to mention hair and makeup. Consider your LBD a blank canvas, and all of these add-ons the paint. Together, they create a look that's uniquely yours. And by using the correct supportive underwear you really can outdo the new age creations some of the more ‘cutting edge‘ fashionista’s choose to adorn!

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