#Fitbritchesfitnesschallenge week 3! Your 20 Minute Workout!

If you have been following this challenge for the past 2 weeks then I hope it has been going well for you and you are on your way to achieving your goals! Whilst exercise is a big part of weight loss, toning etc, nutrition is as equally important, if not more so! 

What is your diet like? Do you munch away all day on saturated fats and simple sugars? If so then the rewards of exercise will not be seen to their full potential. One thing that has a high success rate when it comes to dieting and watching what you eat is by keeping a food diary, as it makes you question whether you really want that pastry or cake if you have to write it down after you have eaten it. (Think of it as not being able to hide from the truth!)

As for what to eat, there is no rule apart from having a balanced diet. Make sure you are getting your protein from lean meats such as chicken and turkey. You need your carbohydrates from healthy foods such as sweet potatoes and wholegrain bread, pasta and rice. Don’t forget that you need fats in your diet, just not the unsaturated ones! Try to eat plenty of fish for these essential fats but they can also be found in foods such as avocados, olives and walnuts.

Now for this week’s workout!

Jogging on the spot x 30 seconds

Side Plank x 30 seconds each side

Push ups x 30 seconds (If you struggle with regular push ups then do them whilst kneeling)

Bodyweight squats x 1 min

Knees to chest whilst laying down x 30 seconds

Jogging on the spot x 30 seconds

Rest x 1 min

Repeat x 4!


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What is the #fitbritchchallenge? All you need is:

1 pair of fitbritches skinny shorts www.fitbritches.com/products/skinny-shorts 

Internet connection so that you can access our latest weekly workouts

1 tape measure

A twitter or facebook account

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Every week on a Friday we’ll be calling all of our #fitbritchchallengebeauties to share their progress, results, problems with our resident fitness experts and on the last Friday of every month we’ll be looking for our #fitbritchchallenge winner…

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Good Luck! 

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